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BIM is the future of the construction industry. Don't miss out!

It is essential for you, manufacturers, to become a part of the BIM generation by preparing your data and giving them visibility among those who use them.
datBIM is a chance to open up to new markets, quickly and easily, with a unique library that centralises all product data.

Here's what datBIM offers you today:

  • Set up your product repository (PIM)
  • Organise and structure your product data
  • Create 3D BIM objects
  • Reference your products and give them visibility
  • Understand BIM and get training

Additional services

Creating a product repository
Setting up a product repository interconnected with your apps (ERP, EDM, CAPM, CRM, WEB, etc.) in your information system

3D object modelling
Creating 3D objects for the main CAD software on the market (Revit, etc.) or in the IFC open format

My datBIM personalised catalogue
A space that is dedicated to all your company has to offer and hosts all your products

Assistance and hotline
Telephone support for assistance in updating product data 
+ hotline credit time (from 4 h to 28 h depending on the offer chosen)

Creating apps
Developing specific circulation apps (website, mobiles apps, etc.)