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Open dthX: 'To understand each other, it is necessary to speak the same language'

Open dthX is an open, standard format that, associated to a digital model, facilitates exchange between stakeholders in the world of construction.
Aware of the issues in BIM and their strong international dimension, datBIM quickly joined the drafting committee of the PPBIM standard in order to develop this language that is essential in rolling out BIM.

Harmony and interoperability

The Open dthX format allows all construction solutions consisting of items, products and systems to be described and catalogues and libraries to be organised in a tree view in terms of ranges, families and sub-families.
It thus responds to the product information needs of all stakeholders on the entire life cycle of a building, from design to execution and operation.
The Open dthX format, associated to the PPBIM standard for harmonisation of the various dictionaries of properties of each country, aims to standardise languages and contribute to improving interoperability.

Eurostars programme

For its Open dthX project, datBIM SA was officially recognised as a Eurostars project by Europe in 2013, which allowed it to obtain one million euros in funding.
datBIM SA's entry into the stock market in September 2015 is allowing its platform, developed on the Open dthX standard of exchange, to be rolled out in France, then Europe.