Digital construction according to datBIM

datBIM boosts your visibility, productivity
and competitiveness

A library that centralises all product data for all professions

datBIM is the only BIM product library intended for all products and all professions.
It is also the largest one in supplying data that can be used immediately.

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An open, structured format, Open dthX, which can be used by all and adapted to all projects

datBIM has developed a standard format called Open dthX, which describes technical and geometric data for BIM objects. For simplified exchange and collaborative work!

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Structuring data and modelling 3D objects

datBIM accompanies you in setting up a product repository (PIM) to let you fully manage the use of your data. datBIM brings together all your product data. It sets up your product repository interconnected with your apps in your information system.

3D objects complement the product data in the library.
datBIM thus offers a BIM object modelling service that can be integrated directly into professional software suites.

Personalised assistance and training courses

Make the most of the services of a BIM expert and the seriousness of an approved training organisation and become a genuine BIM stakeholder.

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BIM's story is being written with datBIM

Since 2000, Pluristop has been a leader in the digital building world.
Its field of expertise: providing technical data on building products to those who use them. This is a response to the strengthening of building requirements and the sector's increasing digitisation.

So it has been only natural for Pluristop to turn progressively to BIM... Since 2012, the company has joined the PPBIM standardisation committee and become a member of MediaConstruct, an association to promote the use of BIM in France.
Being very active in its industry, it is also a member of the French Construction Innovation cluster ('Pôle Innovation Constructive', or PIC).

In 2014, the company launched the datBIM commercial offer in France. datBIM is an innovative solution to circulate manufacturers' catalogues in a digital model and thus advance BIM projects.
It's a unique place for exchange that brings together all useful information for carrying out a construction project: a library with exclusive data and additional services to respond to the requirements of building actors (3D object modelling and training courses).

2015 has been a strong year for the company's growth: Pluristop changed its name to datBIM SA, and datBIM was chosen to participate in the first BIM construction projects in France.

Why does datBIM go further?

  • Because datBIM didn't wait for BIM to arrive to become an expert in digital building product data.
  • Because datBIM offers a new perspective on BIM. Simple, unique and accessible to all.
  • Because BIM isn't 'just' a catalogue or 'just' 3D objects. datBIM integrates all additional product data services into its library to go further and optimise its customers' time.

« BIM's story is just beginning, and it is being written with datBIM »