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DatBIM | 2016.06.29

7 reasons to choose datBIM !

7 reasons to choose datBIM !

Different players offer to give you access to BIM , but how to choose?
datBIM SA gives you 7 reasons to choose its solution :

1- A library that centralizes all product data of all trades !

datBIM is a web platform for BIM products to all prescribers of the building.
All products, all trades. The data is directly used in business software .
The manufacturer provides all the information that characterize Products: CCTP , performance (as standard PPBIM ) , geometry etc.

2- An optimal solution for all building actors !


Partnerships with software publishers facilitate the dissemination of datBIM data on building design software .
Publishers such as Autodesk REVIT , FISA , ATTIC + , SOC COMPUTER , ECI -BAT , ALL SYSTEM ... understood early on the importance of connecting on intelligent platforms with comprehensive data updates in real time.

3- A unique solution for BIM data and geometries dissociated !

Disseminate BIM objects and maintain updated data often fall under a real headache .
datBIM is the only platform that allows manufacturers autonomy in updating the technical data of the products. In cases where the manufacturer is hosting Geometry data is immediately updated in all formats.


4- Exchanges facilitated through a structured and open format , Open dthX !

Why a new format? to facilitate exchanges between catalogs, libraries and software.
datBIM developed the Open dthX format. This format is used to describe the technical and geometrical data of BIM objects.
It is the only existing exchange format in France . Open dthX is being standardized from AFNOR 

5- A expertise to the BIM : datBIM a leader !

datBIM provides its customers with unique expertise.
It is through experimentation through several projects we affirm our place at the heart of BIM :

  • Bouygues Construction: datBIM reference product suppliers. Read more
  • CSTB: datBIM has commissioned CSTB to accompany the testing of the dematerialization of information concerning the processes under review techniques and facilitate operation in a product catalog. Read more
  • Habitat 76 : the social landlord has launched several operations to construction and application projects implemented BIM . For this it recommends that the master builders to approach datBIM to power the digital model into structured BIM data. 

6- The control data before broadcasting !

datBIM accompanies manufacturers for the establishment of a Repository product (PIM) .
The PIM developed by datBIM collects and centralizes all data related to the manufacturer's products (technical, marketing, web , shopping etc ) into a single information system interconnected with its applications.
The PIM to access the BIM !

7- Training and customized services!

datBIM SA is an approved organization and provides training to facilitate access to BIM . Our catalog is suitable for all applications : understanding of BIM , the first step in the BIM , understand and harmonize its product data.
Discover our training catalog .