What is BIM?

BIM (building information modelling) is a technical database, associated to a 3D digital model, that contains all the physical and functional characteristics of a building.

An indispensable tool in decision-making

BIM constitutes a genuine bible for construction project stakeholders. It lets them optimise organisation of the work site, anticipate 'conflicts' by ensuring coherence of information, with both an overall perspective on a project and a vision of even the smallest technical details.

To construct a virtual building using a collaborative method, processes that are an integral part of BIM must be defined.

BIM is also a digital model that goes beyond mere 3D representation. It's a unique, shared place for exchange that brings together all useful technical information for carrying out a construction project, from design to operation.

It is revolutionising ways of working by saving time, money and energy.

BIM is projected to become compulsory for government procurement projects in 2017: it will be binding on all professional who are stakeholders in these construction projects. datBIM takes a progressive, easy approach to accompanying you in BIM.